Our Story

East Coast native Annie Michel met her husband, David Reed, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The couple, now settled in San Diego, California, hosted a neighborhood get-together one evening that left them with lots of open wine bottles and only a couple stoppers. After struggling with the expanded corks, Annie realized it was impossible to fit the corks back into the bottles! She explained the dilemma to David, and the two got to work on a solution. What began as their garage prototype of a cork trimmer - is now a clever, indispensable tool for any wine lover.
Annie is an avid animal-lover, particularly horses. QWIK~CORK's mascot, "Wally the Wonder Horse" played a major part of motivating Annie to pursue bringing this invention to market. She inherited Wally from a friend when they could no longer care for him. That was over 10 years ago, Wally will be 32 years old in June of 2022! Throughout the experience of caring for him, she's realized there are a lot of senior horses in need of homes. Senior horses require specialized care which is costly, Annie's goal is to be able to adopt and/or sponsor more horses with a percentage of QWIK~CORK's proceeds.

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Sleek and well designed black Qwik-Cork on a kitchen counter top.